Sanctuary pt. 1Mature

Underneath the floating city of Eden is a collection of rooms, welded beside the front auxillary thruster. It blends in perfectly, repair crews treat it as an old wrecked service station too hazardous to use and anyone else with a different view on it never gets to see it. Only repair crews are allowed near the bottom of the city. Inside the first room stood Alice, sliding her newfound sword into it's sheath, the newly applied oil silencing the sound normally caused by friction.  

Smiling, Alice stepped into the room, observing her collection. Collections of art and history from up to 600AD were carefully arranged in glass cabinets, all bolted to the floor. On the ceiling hung a massive machine, sucking moisture out of the air while keeping the room at a steady temperature to protect her paintings. To the right of the sword lay the golden flowers, right beside her two other Greek possessions. A spartan helmet and a few gold coins from Athens. Alice's smile disappeared as she eyed all of the unused space. Half a dozen glass cabinets stood unfilled. Sighing, she exited the room, closed the door behind her and walked two feet into her kitchen. Water circulated from the city also illegally ran here, along with electricity and high energy light cables. Giggabyte per second speeds allowed for her computer to easily hack and steal for free her favourite TV shows or music as soon as she opened the door. 

Alice ordered "Eva, put on some good Dubstep."

A deep voice came from the walls "Very well. Be aware, your sighting in downtown has drawn some unusual attention. It has helped the police understand that one person has been stealing goods. Past records of missing artifacts are being looked into by the authorities. 732 bit Akilina cyphers detected in select radios, possibly police, impossible to listen in without the key." 

Music filled the room as E-News filled a sixty inch TV's screen. A female reporter with un-naturally blue eyes said "-ere at Traxis Towers where a multi-million dollar artifact from Earth was stolen. Authorities have no comment as of yet on the culprits, except that synthetics may be involved."

Alice laughed "Synthetics?!"

The screen split in half, allowing the audience to see an extremely tacky dressed anchor to ask the reporter "Kate, is she a threat to organics?"

Kate bit her lip "Actually, there's no indication that s-"

Kate disappeared, completely replaced by the news anchor "You heard it first! Synthetics, destroying our past for their own malicious means. Is our city safe?! This is Alan Rickman live from E-news, stay tuned for more!"

The End

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