Agent Don walked into a roped of area in the middle of the city. A few civilians stood close by, gawking at the high presence of police officers standing around a seemingly empty patch of road. An officer looked at Don and yelled "Sir, this is a restric-"

Don yanked his ID out of his trench coat, casually stating as he flashed his badge "I'm special agent Donald with EID, looking for officer Conner Brian?"

The officer sighed "Well, you found him. Listen, Donald, I'm a little busy here, can you make this quick?"

Don nodded his head, "Fair enough. I heard that the thief landed here, what did the eyewitnesses say?"

Conner, a little exasperated, said "An old lady said a giant bat landed here and shed it's wings onto the ground. Another said a young man landed here wearing a theatre mask with a hood over it's head, carrying a bunch of golden leaves. He also said it had a sword that glowed as red as it's eyes. Probably high as fuck, hell, half the witnesses here were, downtown always is."

A voice came out of Conners static filled radio "Lieutenant Conner, we got a situation at O'Brian park, a couple dozen teens causing a disturbance."

Conner said back, "Ya, ya, I'll be over soon." He let go of the radio and groaned "We can talk and walk back to my car."

Conner stepped over the ropes and started walking towards a white police car. Don walked beside him, asking "How do we know the suspect landed here?"

"Cop on patrol caught the thing landing, said it assaulted a goon. His bullets went right through it, like it was a dark sheet, never saw anything like it. In a flash, it was gone."

Don felt worried "No one else saw the suspect assaulting the goon?"

Conner lit a cigarette and laughed "Fuck no, fuck... whoever this guy is, he's really pissing me of. Third time he's landed down here, always the same thing, druggies think he's a demon." He coughed his cigarette out of his mouth, mumbled a curse and stopped by his car, opening the door. The lieutenant sighed "I'll see ya later Donald."

His car started and sped down the street towards the park. Agent Donald thought interesting character, doesn't seem to like me. Maybe the witnesses can tell me more.

Donald walked back to the roped of area and asked a black, muscular, tattooed man "Special Agent Donald EID. Did you see what happened here?"

The man talked in an abnormally deep voice "Hell, I saw some thin sexy lady land in the street, looked like a long fall. I helped her up of her feet, she was clutching somethin' shiny. Before I could take another look at it, a fuckin' pig showed up. She threw some weird black shit up, like a fabric. Pig thought I was assaulting her or somethin' like that, he fired a couple rounds, fucker busted my shops window. After that, she was gone."

Donald nodded, "What do you do for a business mister?"

He laughed deeply, "Stan, I run a tattoo shop. I'm just here to make sure these street pigs pay for my shop." 

Don nodded "Thank you Stan, you've been very helpful."

Stan nodded "You gonna make sure they pay for my window?"

Dons eyes shifted un-comfortably to other witnesses thinkingthe lieutenant doesn't exactly think highly of me... I'll tell him I'll talk to them."Yeah, I'll talk to them."

Stan grunted and Don moved to another citizen near the ropes, two officers were questioning him. Don walked to the officers, introduced himself and asked if he could interview the man. They shrugged and nodded. Don asked the man "Did you see what happened here?"

He looked clearly exasperated at having to tell his story again. Bouncing slightly on his toes, he mumbled "Yaa, something like a flying squirrel was soarin' through the air and it landed in the street, beat the shit outa some black guy an' ran. Had horns and fiery eyes, looked pretty wicked."

A female officer mumbled "Probably dirty enough for him."

Don pretended not to hear her, asking "Can I have your name and address?"

The man nodded "Yayayaya, Albert Hitchcock, 343 Privet Drive."

Don closed his eyes, opened them and took a picture of Alberts face with his phone. Albert asked "Wat's tha?"

"Nothing... just a trick the Ministry came up with. Thanks officers, I think I have everything I need here."

Donald walked away as the officers promptly arrested Albert, obviously infuriated by his co-operation. After three more interviews which led no-where's, he stepped into the roped of area (after showing his badge) and examined the tarmac. He went on his hands and knees until he found something- a pin. He examined it- it looked about the right size for a smoke grenade. Pocketing it, his eyes were soon attracted to a small black circle. Rubbing his finger on it, he realized it was a liquid. He rubbed some of the residue into a small container, unsure of what it was. Looking around for another half hour, he concluded that was all he could get from here. Disappointed, he walked to a public transport hub and took the train back to Edens Investigative Divisions main office.

The End

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