I'm doing a high description chapter- maybe it'll morph into a full fledged story :)

Alices hair flew across her face as a train screamed a meter away from her face, morphing into a blur of blue light as it accelerated it's spiral around the tower. The train passed, leaving her to pant with anxiety. She looked down, hoping to use the reflection of the mega-tropolis in the sky-scrapers thousand windows. Massive buildings were reflected, many with blurred trains leaving streaks of blue light. Fireworks launched a thousand meters below, beginning a city-wide celebration. The entire city suddenly dropped two meters and leveled of in mid-air, jerking Alice just enough for her feet to slid of the narrow steel ledge.Her chin smacked the ledge. Moaning, she grabbed the ledge with both hands. Slowly, she pulled herself back up, pausing to look at her bruised and bleeding chin in a four story high window. 

Steeling herself, she wrapped herself around a steel beam and climbed up four stories. Alice shimmied right along a ledge and emptied a brown substance out of a glue gun onto a four story high window. She then shimmied to the left, out of the way. The glass fizzled, popped and proceeded to expand the entire window. Moments later, thousands of pieces of glass fell straight down, most shattering into powder on impact. Chuckling, Alice shimmied back to the broken window and pulled herself up, observing the room before her.

Twelve dead people filled the room- perserved and petrified into making odd shapes. A crouching man without skin literally held his heart up to a woman with black hair covering her face. Behind them, a man held his brain with one hand and used the other to pull his left eyeball close to inspect his cranium.

Alice sighed- who in their right mind would put a Samurai suit with art like this? No dead culture deserves to be so disgraced. Slowly, she walked around the suit, sizing it up. Angry, she realized there was no way she could wear the suit and climb down- it would have to stay... except for the sword. That, she could manage. Detaching the sheath, she used the belt to attach the sword to her backpack. Stepping back, she looked at the human art with distaste. The thought crossed her mind to cut it all to pieces. She shut it down, shook her head and walked to a titanium door on the other side of the room. Carefully, she dug through her backpack, taking out a two litter bottle filled with high intensity thermite. She filled the bottle with a gel and moved quickly, dumping it all over the titanium door. The bottle lit on fire and she had to drop it, letting the six thousand degree celcius mixture boil through the floor, setting a desk on fire below. Rain fell from the ceiling in a futile attempt to calm the flames. Little known fact- water makes thermite worse. 

Pressed for time, Alice zipped open her pant leg pocket, pulling out a fully automatic pistol. The rounds tore into the small parts of titanium that were covered in thermite. A piece of lead missed the mark and ricocheted, smashing a glass panel covering a human sculpture. Her gun clicked. Alice stepped back, ears ringing. A small opening appeared in the door- just large enough to dive through. She gently put her backpack down, took a running start- and dived through the melting door. In front of her- the prize above all prizes. A gold wreath, nearly two thousand years old made for a Greek queen. Eighty gold flowers covered it along with twelve leafs, valued at nearly ninety million Farens, it was a wonder it was lost for half a hundred years. Until a mob boss recently traded it's hiding place for a full pardon. 

Alice snapped out of her trance and got to work on removing the wreath from it's pedestal. Her phone wirelessly detected all expected countermeasures- an alarm, backup program to close the safe and a small tracker on the wreath itself. Except she missed the knock-out gas. Far-away voices echoed across the room behind her. Alices brow furrowed as she thought what else could go wrong?!

She took a deep breath and removed the wreath, walking to the hole in the safe door. Cringing, she dived through the hole, spun and landed on her back, holding the wreath above her chest. Alice grabbed her backpack and froze as a door she didn't see earlier, guards with blinding flashlights spilling through it.

Alice slid her back pack on, held the wreath in front of her chest and sprinted to the window. A few meters away, her whole body went numb, she couldn't breath as a shock tazers prongs entered her back. She fell onto her side, sliding on the steel floor- and out the window. 

The prongs tore out of her back, ceasing the electrocution. Alice cried and stopped as her chin protested, choosing a moan instead. Her velocity increased and soon she was level with the fireworks, slowly regaining the ability to move her body. A firework exploded beside her, blinding and deafening her. Tumbling blind and deaf in mid-air. She felt her backpack for a cord and tugged. Flaps extended from her backpack, soon activating flaps across her suit. The guards in the tower spotted her, astonished as she glided like a flying squirrel to the cities center. 

The End

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