Elena: Flashbacks.Mature

"Soo. What da ya think? As for the winged ones. What do you want?" Defy breaks the silence but not the tension.

Most of the angels turn and scowl at him. I narrow my eyes as I hear their thoughts.

"What we want doesn't concern any of you." A strong looking angel says, his voice full of hate.

"If you want Elena Summers than it has everything to do with us." Olis voice is calm, his face threatening, but I know from his thoughts that he is scared and that's making me scared.

The girl angel who smiles slightly, still looking at me. I blank out what everyone is saying and just focus on her thoughts.

'Hey El. It's good to see you again even if we've been sent to kill you.' I stare at the girl curious. Why have they been sent to kill me? What the hell have I done?

'Look. Al here wants to kill you, he never really liked you, rememeber that time you poured coke all over him then tried to make him think it was already like that and you were only trying to help? Well he does, even though you blanked it from his mind, there are a few angels who got him to rememeber and now he's pissed off that you made a fool out of him as well as betraying us all.'

Al. That's the guy who has hate in his voice. But I don't rememeber doing anything to him before. And whats all this about me betraying everyone?

'Who are you?' I ask her mentally. Her smile fades a little.

'You should know. It's me, Anna. You taught me to fight and I taught you how to blank out some of peoples thoughts. Wolferaine, your brother, used to say we were joined at the hip. Don't you rememeber?'

I shake my head. How can I rememeber all of that? Is what Anna said true? Did I used to know her? Is Wolferaine really my brother, like he said he was?

'You really don't rememeber do you?' I shake my head.

'We had some good times together.'

I look at her, my head titled slightly to one side. How do I know she's not lieing to me?

Suddenly images flash befor emy eyes.

They are ones of me with Anna laughing and flying. Wait a sec. Flying???

It quickly changes to me and Wolferaine play-fighting, showing Anna how it's done. And again I have wings?!

It changes again to me pouring coke over Als head then making him forget it was me.

I gasp and step back as I am bought back to reality.

Oli gives me a worried look.

'What is El? What did they do? Are you okay? What do they want?'

I put a hand to my head and shake it. What do they want with me? Why haven't I got wings anymore and why the bloody hell can't I rememeber?!

The End

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