Defy: Calm before the stormMature

I reach shore relatively qucikly and turn to see a swarm of angels. Do I really have to?  I say in my head unsheathing my blade. Guess there isn't a choice but I might have to stop being so reckless angels know how to kill me, and have the power to. I thought quickly as mistle stepped behind me with the others. Everything was quite and calm. The angels Darkened as Elena passed by, and Oli put his hand on her shoulder protectively. I wave my sword and stab into the ground as I try to figure these guys out. What did they want, and what  could we do to possibly just lose them? But by the looks of things gaking arms might be the only way. I broke the silence.

"Soo. What da ya think? As for the winged ones. What do you want?"

The End

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