I don't know why but I don't want to follow Mistle out of the plane. Maybe because me and Aph didn't get a real chance to rav on the plane or create proper destruction or because my skin is still blue! Okay, the blue has gone down a lot but still! It matches my hair which isn't great, I liked my look not matching in any way.

I sigh and get to my feet. I can feel the electric energy pulse around the plane, the humans and the others out of the plane. I can also feel another pressence which is strangely familiar.

I close my eyes and listen to their thoughts.

'My hair is a reck! And in front of these cute angel guys, sooooo not good for my image!' I roll my eyes at Aphrodites thoughts and go into Defys. 'How the hell are we suppost to kill angels?! Aren't they already dead?' I sigh and shake my head, he's not much help at all. Naidas thoughts are on how quickly she could kill the humans on the plane and get away with it.

Olis thoughts intrigue me more then the rest. His thoughts aren't about what he looks like, or how to kill they angels or his next meal,but of me. He's thinking about me. 'Maybe the others can make a distraction and I could get to El before the angels even see her. She'll be safer then. It'll be better this way.' I frown at his thoughts and then start to read the "enemies", the angels.

'Elena isn't here, maybe she's still in the plane.' 'Foolish people. They really think they will be able to stop us from getting Elena.' 'Such a shame. Such a shame. So much power these have and they're going to waste it for a traitor.'

I'm confused at the angels thoughts, I don't have a clue why they want me or why they I'm a traitor, but I do know that my friends will be torn to shreads by these angels.

I take a deep breath and hold my head high. I confidently walk out of the plane to see a load ofangels, some flying, some standing on the ground. One of the angels face brightens when she sees me while the others darken. I stare at the angel girl who's face is bright and innocent.

I walk closer, past my friends.A strong hand stops me from going any further. I turn my head back to see Olis worried eyes lock with mine. I smile softly and let him stand next to me.

I look at the angel girl, somewhere I've seen her before. But where? Where have I seen her before? And why the fuck do the others look at me like I'm crap on their shoes?!

The End

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