Mistle - stupid plane!Mature

ok i am sooo confused! one minute i am chatting to defy, and then Aph and El are all of a sudden FLYING THE PLANE! and defy has gone somwhere and is now somehow OUTSIDE THE PLANE! and i am stuck in my stupid seat, literally, my seatbelt has locked and i cant get out! grrrrrr this is pissing me off more than being pushed around by people! i faze into a mouse and jump out of the belt that is holding me then fazr back to normal, i clutch my stomach, ahh thats better.

ok now what, i run to the front of the plane and push past the flight lady with the keys, "out of my way!" i growl at them, my sudden tone makes them step back in fear, i punch a whole through the cheap plastic door and pull down the handle on the other side, it opens swiftly and i walking there, Elena and Aph are sitting in the chairs. "what is going on Elena?" i ask, she ignores me looking staring out the window, "ELENA!" i shout, her head snaps round "whats going on?" i repeat, "well... we are being attack by angels?!" she replys, my eyebrows raise and i turn to Aph, "right!... ok let go erm, Aphrodite get out of that chair and try and straighten things out at the back please?!" i say.

 her mouth opens to protest "NOW!" i shout, god i hate sounding like a mother! she gets up out of the chair and runs to the bacl, pauseing to look at the gaping whole i made in the door. "ok" i look at Elena "Lets land this plane!" she nods, i grab hold of my steering weel and pull the plane down, ok now what!? we are hurtling towards the ground what do you do!? surley with my experiance of nothing i should be able to do this... Right! wheels down! i find the button and press it and i hear the croak of the wheels going down, ok.. ok.. ok.. now what?! i turn to Elena, and she veers her steering weel up as we get close to the ground. "we did it!" i say looking out the front window at the ground, we are in a feild by a lake presumably a park... i go out the back while Elena continues to press more buttons, i walk out side of the plane, with everyone following, i find Defy dripping wet, sword out, staring at a massive group of angels, we all walk up behind him and stand in a line "great" i whisper.

The End

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