Defy: Into what is more than a storm.Mature

The passsengers are in an uproar demanding to speak to the captian, they started to banging on the doors, the stewardess are getting the keys. The group of vampires begin to rally up but they aren't scary enough and the last thing we need is one of them biting someone, then we would be terrorists. That isn't fun. I disapear out of seat and apear behind the humans.

" Detrinox!"  I say loudly , they turn around boggeled by how peculiar the word was which was  shame , because obviously my plan didn't work. Why wasn't magic working?  The plane veers violently downwards the g forces send me flying backwards through  the  wall into the next class of the plane. I thit cieling leaving a huge dent and apparently rupturing the fuselage.  the pressure in the cabin dropped the air bags did as well.   I get up suffocating but I can't die in this way, so I technically didn't need oxygen.  We still kept falling, what the hell was going on up front? Or outside.  Something impacts the side of the plane and we violently start spinning. I crash through the fuselage this time. Outside the plane it was raining crazily, and it was dark but I could see the spinning wreck of the plane as it span, and semi glided downwards, stupid g forces, and how heavey my sword is.  I pull it out and shoot down like an arrow torwads the plane.

As I do I hear the flap of wings above. I turn to look up, very large block dots where heading down. I spread my self open to slow my fall.  They pass by me, angels!  One grabs me , and whispers in my ear.

" Dangerouse must be exterminated!"  He flips and his heel kicks me at ridcioulos speed, I pass the plane, and slam into the water leaving a 1oo foot spray of water into the hair.

" Your not killing me that way." I shout swallowing salty water.  I surface and cough it all out. The plane stops falling and starts flying agian. They pulled it off but those angels are going to try kill them!

The End

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