Elena: Control!Mature

"What?" I ask them all, my voice weak. They are all looking at me shocked. "Y-You're blue!" Mitchell gasps. I frown at him. "Duh! Have you only just realised my hair is blue?" I croak and roll my eyes. Oli smirks. "Nice to know that you can reject the change and still have a sence of humor." He says, smiling at me.

"You idiot, your skin has a blue tint to it." Nadia smiles. I look down at my arms and my eyes widen. "Shit!" I whisper. I look up at them confused. My whole body's weak and my head is banging, it hurts so much that I can't even hear anyones thoughts.

"You okay now El?" Mistle ask, it's obvious to anyone that she's still worried. I roll my eyes. "Mistle, I'm fine. A little sore, but fine." I croak. She nods and I can see Defys arm around her. I smile and look away. "You lot should give her some space, I'll stay with El for the rest of the trip to make sure she's okay." I look at Oli confused. What is he planning?

Nadia opens her mouth to protest but Oli gets in there before she gets a chance to speak. "I'm a doctor, remember?" Oli says and winks. Everyone walks off and Nadia scowls at him. "Don't even think about it Oli!" She snarls at him. Okay, now I'm even more confused! Oli sits down next to me. He reaches over me and shuts the blind of the window.

I ruffle my hair with my arm. Something red catches my eye. Am I bleeding? I'm memorised by the red liquid coming out of my arm. Oli follows my gaze and his jaw tightens. I look up at him. I can tell he wants my blood, he needs it to be honest. I told him he should of eaten before we got on the plane but he didn't listen to me.

"So, Oli, what did I fall for?" I ask him, my voice getting stronger. Oli moves closer to me, never taking is eyes off of my bloody arm. "Not the best place to talk about it El." He breaths. I'm breathing quickly, I don't know why but I my heart is pumping blood around my body twice the speed.

A flight attendant comes around with a drink trolly. "Can I have a coke please?" I ask her, knowing that I need sugar. She smiles at me and hands over my coke. She lingers in front of Oli for a while but he doesn't even notice her. She walks off pouting.

I unscrew the lid of my coke and take a sip. I swallow it's fizzy drink, close my eyes while the liquid runs in my veins. I open them again and see that Oli is now closer to my arm. I sigh and look at him straight in the eyes. "Oli. No" I whisper to him. I feel bad seeing the the pain in his eyes. I sigh and look around. No one's listening.

"Look, Oli. I'll help you out if you tell me about me being a fallen angel." I whisper. His eyes meet mine. "I can't tell you here, there's too many people. I'll tell you when we get off the plane." He whispers to me. I swallow and nod, taking a gulp of my coke. "I'll help you then." I say and think about a way Oli can feed but without getting noticed by anyone.

Aphrodite catches my eyes and smiles. I nod, knowing it's time. "Sorry Oli but I'll be back." I say looking at him. He looks like, in any minuet, he'll jump and drink the blood coming out of my cut. I sigh, people thoughts are coming back to me again. Shame, I was liking the silence.

I get up and walk past Oli, my music from my phone suddenly blarring. It's good to know that I can still control electricity. I go over to Aph and pull her up. We start ravving like mad! Nadia quickly jumps up with the other vampire guys and soon we are all up and dancing to my music.

"... We are having some difficulties with the plane... a storm is up ahead... we'll be turning back now." The speaker informs us all. I give Nadia my ipod, while me and Aphrodite sneak off towards the control part of the plane.

We burst through the doors and see the piolets, turning around shocked. We smile at them. I jump and kick one of them in the face while Aph hits the others pressure point, knocking him out too.

I give her a high five. "Well done Aph, didn't think you had it in ya." I say pushing one of the piolets off of his seat and sitting there. Aphrodite sits next to me. We put on their piolet hats.

I hold onto the controls and turn around, into the storm. "Helllo everyone!" Aph yells into the speaker thing. I laugh."Yeah, we are going to Athens. That means into the storm. So hold on!" I yell into it the speaker. Aphrodite laughs as we take control of the plane. She's alright. She's annoying but I like the rebel side of her.

The End

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