Mistle - blue girlMature

"El?" i stutter oh my god whats going on!?, elena cant die, except she keeps fainting and stuff, blackouts are not just a common plane sickness, and and and..... whats going on!? mitch drops to his knees beside Elena, and she starts shaking rapidly, i touch her head, she is boiling, boiling so much i pull my hand away quick and stare at my scourched hand, "she's hot" i say "boiling hot!", Mitch puts his hand on her head again, not believing me "no, shes not hot at all! shes freezing, cold like ice" he pulls his hand away just as fast as i pulled my hand away, and looks at his frost bitten thingers. "what?!" i put my hand on her head again and pull it away, he's right, shes going from hot to cold every minute! " i hear a grunt from behind me, and look round at Brett "cant you see it?!" he says grumpily, the expression on our faces says.... no "she rejecting the vampire change, shes refusing it" he say casually.

 i look puzzled, oh right i new that... meanwhile the humans sitting around us on the plane are paniking and word is going around that some blue haired girl has fainted. one of the flight attendants comes over with a first aid kit in her hand, oli takes the box out of her hand, "its ok, i will handle it, i am a friend and a trained docter, she will behave better with me" he says calmly, we all look shocked and he turns around and winks at us, "i will need to see some ID sir" she says politly to him, i can hear the flusterd tone in her voice, shes falling already for his vampire charm.

 "sure" he says and pulls some fake drs ID out of his pocket and hands it too her, she takes the bait and hands it back to him and walks off satisfied. a groan comes from Elena, "stupid blackouts" i smile, phew shes back, she sits up and leans her head on mitchel, defy comes over and picks her up and puts her on her plane seat, and she sleeps. we all get back in our seats and when Elena wakes up we all gasp at her, shes blue tinted!!!!

The End

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