Elena : What's Happening To Me?Mature

Mistle is making me sit next to her, thinking that I'll get into trouble if I sit with the others. I know from her thoughts that she thinks I could be a bad influence on Mitch! I mean as if I can! Yeah, I can put loads of thoughts but I don't want to. Mitchells my friend and I'm not going to make him do anything he doesn't want to.

I drum my fingers on my chair annoyed. This is so unfair! A total over reaction! They plane takes off and as soon as the no belt sign comes on I quickly take mine off and get tomy feet. "Elena. Don't do anything out of order!" Mistle looks at me and I shrug.

I walk off to Nadia and Bobby, who are laughing at me. I scowl at them. "Having fun with Mother Mistle?" Nadia asks between laughs.I smile and roll my purple eyes. "Oh it was great fun." I say sarcasticly. I feel eyes on me and grit my teeth. "I swear if people keep looking at me and my blue hair any longer I swear to god I'll rip their throats out!" I say turning to the humans shocked faces.

"Calm it El. They're human afterall." Oli says coming over to me smiling. Ismile back at him. Ilookaround the plane,thinking ofsomething fun to do. I can see humans everywhere, their sent filling up my nose. I can kill them all in secounds but I'm not going to. Not yet anyway.

I titl my head to the side, Oli follows my gaze and smiles. I walk over to Aphrodite and smile sweetly to her. "Aph, come on. I've got an idea." I say and smile. 'What? She'stalking tome? Well, I new she would, I am amazing.' I roll my eyes at her thoughts.

We walk back to the others, Mitch following behind. I smile to them all and tell them my plan mentally. Mitchel doesn't look impressed."Don't worry Mitch. It'll be fun!" I tell him softly. He sighs and nods. Oli smiles down at me. "El? You ready?" Oli says and winks at me. I wink back, then my smile quickly fades. I wince and put my hand to my chest.

"El, you okay?" They all say at once, all their faces worried. I scowl at them, they know I don't like sympathy. Oli puts a hand on my shoulder. 'El, tell me what's wrong.' His message comes to me clearly even though it's clouded with pain.

"Fine!" I hiss at him and push him away. I walk off to my seat (even though Mistle and Defy are in a very deep discussion). I go over to them, becoming very light headed. "Mistle, is itnormal to see spots on a plane?" I ask her, my voice small. She looks up confused.

"Elena, are you...?" Mistle starts but I fall to the ground, my vision becoming black.

The End

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