Mistle - act your age please!Mature

"are you sure you are ok Elena?", she smiles weakly and nods "yeah, its all good", alright, if you say so, i am still not convinced, "well ok then" What was i going to say... oh yeah, "ELENA! you need to please show a bit more respect to the humans, and control your emotions and temper a bit more" i say politly, "well the human should not have been thinking all that harsh stuff about me!" she snaps back

 "god calm down, if you dont like what the human was thinking, dont listen to it! or atleast try and change her thoughts on you, instead of growling at the human making it not like you even more, act your own age Elena! and i wont even start on you nearly braking up a relationship and shocking several people in the que!" i snap back, Niada hides her face from me. i know i sound motherly but i cant help it, she acts like a rite child somtimes, she growls at my thoughts, but soon puts her head back down, avoiding my Veela eyes, changing her mood.

 awww shes looks so inocent when she is sulking, she smiles at this thought. "alright rants over, lets go now, is everyone finnished their food?" i ask, everyone nods their heads "ok we have 15 minutes until we are meant to be boarding the plane, so lets go!" we all get up and walk to our terminal, we que up to get on the plane, and then we hand the lady our plane tickets and show her our passports, with a little Veela persuasion done by me, due to the confusion of the lady on the fact that Niada looks exactly the same as she did ten years ago on her passport, we manage to get on our plane.

 i decide to sit next to Elena in order to keep her in check for the plane flight, and everyone else sat in pairs around us, Aphrodite sat next to Mitchel, which she has been trying to do alot recently and walking around with him... i wonder?

The End

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