Mistle - pshyciatristMature

"i am in a burger mood" i look at him and smile, "it would be nice to get some decent food, other than the crapy cafteria food i am used to eating" Defy nods in agreement  "yeah, i know, i sometimes forget that we are kind of the only people here that are not vampires, well apart from Aphrodite, and we are the only ones who eat normal food"  he says, "ok lets go! to the food court!" i say pulling him the way, i pull him into the food line. "right what are you going to ha...?" before i can say somthing i hear a shout from one of the people sitting at the tables, well more of a sream actually....  and a slap to match. "i cant believe you!" shouts a woman at a man "you cheated on me!!" she shouts, oh dear, "um hold my place in line i will be right back" i say to defy, i walk over to the couple and stare into both of their eyes "whats the problem here?" i ask the woman, "he kissed someone else!" she says " i didnt mean to! i still love you!" says the man back, "calm down" i say soothingly to the crying girl, i give her a calming veela stare and she stops crying, "right i think you two should go talk this out somwhere more private" i say they both nod get up and walk off together, stisfied i walk back over to Defy, "since when where you, a pshyciatrist?" he say to me laughing, "i like to help people" i say smiling "no how about that burger" i say as we reach the counter.

The End

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