Mitch trys to help Aphrodite buy tickets but he doesn't help at all in fact cause a bit of an explosion of anger from aphrodite who was now shouting at the guy behind the desk.

" I just want tickets to Greece, Athens perferably!"  She yells

" Yes I know that but what time would you like ma'am?"

" What you mean don't you just have to get on the airplane and be off?!"

Mith looked like he was pleading with her now.

" They don't have consecutive flights, Hey can you just give us the times."  Aph turns and starts shouting a mitch a little confused on how humans have things done.  I turn to Mistle.

" Should we leave them? I could buy us a meal a the food court" I say as the volume got a little louder from there direction.

" No , We should wait for the others to show before we, go." Behind us appears the group of vampires, thats when it hit me, Mistle and I where probably the only two non vampires.

" Have we got any tickets yet?" Naida asks.

" No." I turn the yelling match still continueing now off topic of getting tickets.

" Passports?"

" What the F$@* are passport?!"  Mitchell jus gave up and came towards us.

"Its hopeless."  He says. Mistle walks over and instants later we have tickets , and Aph wasn't yelling.

" Alright our flight is in 4 hours. What are we doing between now and an hour before the flight?"  Mistle says.

Almost everybody eyes lit up with mischief, Elena , bolts off and Niada rate after her.   Her friends lag a little but still leave equally as fast, Mitchell was left.

" Go on , just try not to.." Before I know it something bolts by and on the floor was little droplets of blood," Do that." I mumble.

Mitchell follows proballly what he thinks to be an irrestible smell , now it was just Mistle and I.

" What sort of food you feel like having?" I ask.

The End

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