Elena: MoodsMature

"I'll do it!" I say and make electricity zoom around my fingers. I'm smiling like mad, I like this mood. "El, not that way." Mitchell says, smiling faintly. I shrug and grab Mitchells arm. "C'mon vampire boy, lets go buy tickets!" I say, hyper.

"Shhhhh!" They all shh me except the vampire guys and Nadia who are laughing. I pout. "Mitch. You go, I'm going to find something." I wink at him then walk away. To the humans, it'll look like I'm speed walking. 'Nadia, what are you waiting for?' I hear a giggle and Nadia is by my side.

We link arms. "Hey! Don't wander off, we'll never find you again!"  We both turn and look at Mistle, then look at eachother. We burst out laughing. Oli and the vampire boys come over to us. "Don't worry Mistle, they will get back in time." Bobby says. I tilt my head at Bobby and smile.

"Your the imagination dude!" I say, he smiles. My smile spreads. "Told ya you'll remember." I turn and link arms with Oli aswel. I nod at him, knowing he's right.

I catch the sent ofsomething lovelyand head towards it but Nadia pulls me back. "You can't be hungry, you've eaten loads." She says towing me away. I sigh, a frown on my face. Er. Happy mood over.

Me and Nadia gointo the toilets and look around. No one at all. "El, are you okay?" Nadia asks, I shrug. "I'm so..." She starts to apoligise but I stop her."Not your fault." She nods. She starts to laugh. "How cool isit? We know know what you are! A fallen angel and a vampire!" She smiles excited. I smile back.

"Wait. Fallen angel? Why did I fall?" Confustion is all over my face. Nadia shrug, stillsmiling. She links her arm and mine together, walking out of the toilets. "Now we know I can't be blamed for beinga bad influence." She says squeezing my arm and I laugh with her.

The guys shake their heads. "Girl stuff." They say at the same time making us laugh harder. We head back to the others.

The End

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