Mistle - brain wave :)Mature

"i am guessing that the badness of the vampire venom combined with your supposedly good, Fallen angel breed making nutralisation in your body cause you to now be half fallen angel... good, and half vampire bad... hence the strange mood swings, its a perculiar breed you now own Elena, i cant wait to see what you can do now! " i say smiling, everyone looks at me confused "god! do absolutly none of you listen in lessons at school?! anyway the mood swing will pass Elena, if you can try and control it better than you are now, right now lets go find aphrodite" i say.

 the veela and the vampire kept their promice, their dead at the moment, but they will come back round soon, DAM their imortalness! "right umm... lets leave this place, see ya rodge! thanks for like the 20 minute hospitality! Elena can you listen out for Aphrodite's thoughts please?" Elena nods grudgily and listens out for aphrodite and hears a faint crap crap crap i am all on my own!!! where are the others!!

 Elena smiles "found her!" she says and we all run to get her Elena leading the way, "alright aph where too?" she ponders my question for a little while, then shrugs her shoulders "well you being the daughter of a god, logically your parents would be in the place of gods... which would be greece" i says smiling i feel so smart today for some strange reason,"we could catch a plane? anyone got any money?" i say, Aph jumps out of her seat and waves her credit card around, alright lets go.

Aph snaps her finger and we are at the airport, i pause and think, "why couldnt you just snap us to Athens?" i ask, she smiles smugly "i cant get past the security gate...." Elena rolls her eyes reading her mind "she has never been on a plane before and wants to try it out" she says gloomy, "alright then, time to buy some plane tickets" Aphrodite skips over to the desk to buy some tickets and pushes right to the front "plane tickets please" she says to the guy behind the counter, i sigh "will someone please go and tell aphrodite how to buy some plane tickets and look normal AT the same time?"

The End

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