Elena: What Am I?Mature

I sigh, knowing why Nadia did it, she was right, she didn't know. My jaw is tight as I glare down at the floor. 'I dont think she's okay. Poor Elena.' Damn! I can still hear thoughts, even clearer then before. My head snaps up and I glare at Mistle."I don't need your sympathy!" I snarled at her. Her face is covered in shock.

I go over to the nearest wall and punch it, making a massive hole. I close my eyes, I'm shaking with anger. Why?

A hand goes on my back, I turn to see Mitchell. His eyes are wide, worried. I hug him tightly. 'It's going to be okay Elena, at least you can move around quicker.' I smile at Mitchell. "Thank Mitch." I say and turn to the others.

I scan through the group and I look at the remains on the floor of our attackers. I shake my head. Suddenly arms go around my and pick me up, spinning me around fast. I start to laugh at Oli. 'This is going to be great El.' He puts me to the ground, his arms still around my waist.

He smiles, excitement in his eyes. I shake my head and see the vampire guys with the same expression. I turn back to Oli. "Oli. This might hurt." I whisper and put my hands on his bare arms. I close my eyes searching for all his memories with me in them. I have to find out my past.

I stop flicking through his memories. My eyes are wide, the thrist is back in an angry haze. This isn't a memory of me but of him. Him hunting. I smile a little, I can feel everything he felt. The thrist getting soothed by the blood of the human victim. So rich, so  delisious.

Oli lowers his head to mine. "No El. Not here." I pull myself out of his memories confused. "But..." I start, he shakes his head, he doesn't want me tokill like he does. I scowl at him. "I'm thirsty Oli and if you can have proper blood then so can I!" I say hotely, why am I suddenly . I move away from his arms.

I scan again and frown. Where's Mitchell? And Apphrodite? Suddenly Mitchell apears with a big deer. I lick my lips and go drink for in greedily. I pull away, tears in my eyes. "El, you okay?" Oli asks, his voice soft. I turn and punch him, sending electricity from me into him. 

He stumbles back looking shocked. "That's for killing those humans! If theanimals think like that then so do humans! How could you?" I ask outraised. Yes I knowI was just saying that I wanted to do it but these mood swings are confusing!

He stands up to me and  puts his handto my face. He smiles down at me. I nod to him. "Sorry." I mutter. God, I feel really strange. "Elena smile for a sec." I naarow my eyes to Nadia. 'Why?' I ask her mentally. She scowls back. I roll my eyes, not wanting to fall out with her. I do what she asks.

Her eyes widen. "That's not suppost to happen." She breaths, I look ateveryones confused faces. 'Your fangs, normally people can see them with new vamps.Your fangs aren't on show like this.' Oli informs me mentally, sowing his teeth and fangs.

I nod confused. "Why's that?" I ask, keeping my voice steady. They shrugged and shook their heads. "It's because you're not a normal mythical creature." Everyone turns to Brett. He looks at me and my confused expression. "What am I then?" I demand standing in front of hip, handson my hips.

The End

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