Defy: CrazienessMature

Elena hits the ground , and Mitchell loses it aboslutley loses it and goes after the vampire ripping his head off, one of her vampire friends who I guessed also  liked Elena , picked her up. After Mitchell killed the vampire the forces that stood behind the leader and her right hand took arms charing forwards. I take my sword off my back it was still in the second level , and flash in fron of Mitchell.

" If you want to get shredded I suggest you continue forwards hold your ground, theres a number of enemies, they may not be powerful but they can still hurt you." I tell him , and I think he understands , we stand our ground in a wave  of enemeis, Micheal does his things while, simply swing my sword and then enemies finds them selves dead or dieing, this was boring. I think as Mistle comes lighting the ground on fire with that dragon form.Naida joins Mitchel A blade that shows some potential was able to survive my attacks and trys to attack me. My sword blocks the Blade's. It begins to shake and bend under the very difference in strengths.

" Kid , go get stronger, and enjoy life a little more before you kill yourself." I say seeing myself in him.

I lift the sword up moving him far away from the battle, a few more minute into the battle and the enemy runs tail between legs. Mistle turns back to her normal self and , I stand at her side. We walk back to Elena , Olly hovering over her, trying to not show us what he feels.  Mitchel drop to his knees beside her , a tear in his eyes, now thats more honorable in my opinion then not showing emotion.  Mistle leans into me , saddened,Elena, she looked very dead.  I hug Mistle tightly.

The End

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