Kiss Of DeathMature

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that Mistle has defeated her Veela. I smile at the vampire. I jump up and kick him in the face. "Your leader's dead. Give up!" I  spit down at him. He looks up at me from the floor he smiles.

He quickly is behind me. My head in a tight headlock. I struggle, I'm trying to send electricity at my attacker. Nothing happend, I'm too tired. Too weak. "Hmm, you smell good." He whispers into my neck.

I swallow hard, I kick him in the balls, he doubles over. But he brings me down with him. He kisses me then sinks his teeth into my neck. I scream out as the pain rushes through me. He'sdrinking my blood, I can feel it being sucked out of my body.

My vision goes burry but I can see the vampire drop my to the floor, his face satiisfied. I can see someone come up behind him and rip him to shrebs.

I'm losing consciousness. Someone picks me up but I can't tell who. My sight is fading. I'm dizzy, the darkness is taking over. I'm out. All I see is black.

The End

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