Mistle - the veelas stareMature

thanks for the tipp, i thought to Elena, but thats not how veela fight eachother, we use our powers to munipulate people on eachother, and thats how we fight to keep balance and all that crap, i dont believe in it, but of course she doesnt know that... but i shall play along... for awhile. i look round and smile at her and she smiles back, then we continue. i look grashously into the other veelas eyes, "you know, i do not like not knowing the name of my... apponent" i say sweetly "Camilla" she says bowing, and as she goes down i knee her in the head, she stummbles back but recovers quickly "charmed i'm sure" she snarls, "quite" i say, my eyes bore into her. and her hand rises up at my will and slaps her neatly round the face, i burst into laughter at her facial expression, "you want to play it like that then?" she says, and i fall to the ground, powerless at her menacing eye, i find the strength to look up and say "yes please" not wanting to be defeated, we begin staring... litterally staring, its almost like a staring compition you play in the play ground, but it has the effect of playing knuckles, her eyes bore into mine, i scream out in pain, but i carry on staring back at her, just when she was about to win, i broke the lock and kicked her in the stomach, she doubled over whinded and managed to let out a meak "you.. cheated!", i stand over her and look down, "rules of the playground sister... plus i invented that game" i spit a cursing word down at her, then i faze into my tiger, and ripp her lifeless body to shreds, then faze to my dragon form and burn her to ashes "though i wish i never did" i whisper to thin air, and walk back to fight more, memorys clouding my brain, so many veelas lifes were lost to that horrible game i made up, but i shouldnt blame my self, it was a fun game when i made it up, it was others who turned it into torture...

The End

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