Aphrodite- Alone.Mature

"Listen baby. I've got to go back. I know you want me to come, but I can't. I have things to do. I love you." And with that, Tawr left me. I've never been left, not scince my mother left me. I've got to find her. Now where is everyone? Oh crap. 

I look left, right, even up and down, but all I see is thick forest. "Shit.", I say to myself. "Shit, shit, shit! SHIT!" How the hell am I supposed to get out of here?!? I try to snap my fingers, but for some reason I can't. "WHAT!? OH GREAT. NOW IM LOST AND STUCK HERE!" I pace up and down for about 5 minutes cursing and swearing, then I finally decide to give up and fall down on a rock. "Help...", I say meekly. I hate being alone.

The End

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