Me vs Vampire DudeMature

"Bring it!" I spit at the vampire. I'm weak but I can take on this guy!

The vampire and Veela laugh at me. "I'll show you who's laughing after I kill you!" I yell, ready to fight. They vampire shakes his head. 'She's a stupid girl, while I'm fighting her, I'll be draining her power!' I smile, knowing that he doesn't know I can read minds.

I ball my fists. 'Elena be careful!' I wink at Mitchel. 'It's okay, I'll kill him without spilling a drop of  my blood.' I say mentally but Mitchel shakes his head.

We start to circle eachother, waiting for the opening attack. I can hear Mistle and theVeela fighting.'Mistle, she's got a retarded leg, hit it and she'll fall.' I inform Mistle. The vampire jumps at me, I do a back flip and kick him hard in the back, sending electricity through him. He hisses in pain, making melaugh. "Whats wrong Vampy? You getting beaten by a girl?" I tease, knowing what makes him blow.

He turn around and suddenly the ground starts to move, roots come out of the ground and grab me. I electricute them off but more come my way. 'El, I'm comingin.' IhearOlis mentalvoice. 'No!'I yell at him.

I break free and scream into the vampires mind. He yells out but still sends roots at me.

The End

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