Mistle - GREAT!...Mature

i was just giving somone some third degree burns, when a loud musical voice of a woman shouted "STOP" everyone was in a trance and forced to turn towards the voice, even the bad guys turned, except they turned willingly unlike the rest of us, epecially me who didnt like to be man handled. we all were turned towards a young lady, in a long dark red cloak with a hood covering her face, but i didnt need to see her face i straight away new she was a veela, a tall man dressed the same with a hidden face walked up behind her and by the small section of visable pale white neck i new that he was a vampire. these two people were obviously in charge of all the others by the way all the alive bad guys kneeled before them. "what do you want with us!?" i shout at the Veela "that would be none of your buisiness Veela and co." she spat "all you need to know is that we are here to restore the order" i didnt like the sound of that. Mitchel and Naida steped forward, "do you want to fight then?" snarled Naida, "we dont believe in fighting, we believe in challenging" smiled the vampire, i heard Elena snort with laughter.

oh great a bunch of peace pussys! "fine!" i shout "ok then, seeing as your are being the main speaker and a beautiful creature of my own kind" said the veela, i dont know why but i snarl at this "i challenge you!" i nod at her "alright your on!", i have the upper hand here seeing as she doesnt know i am a half breed veela. she turns to her vampire partner and says somthing to him in a different lanuage "i would like to have a go at you" he says pointing to Elena "i sence power in her" he says, Elena smiles at this. "and what about the rest of us?!" shouts defy. With no emotion on her face, the veela looks down at the deceased pile of dust that was once her beloved adopted Blade son "it seems you have, already dissposed of my son, but do not worry i have pleanty of others, i like to surround myself with a wide range of creatures, i have adopted plenty of children" i was disgusted at this, and then a large crowd of young people came up behind the veela and vampire, the sight was amazing, yet horrible, lots of different creatures came up behind them, vampires, werewolfs, blades, you name it, it was there. "oh shit" i muttered and got ready to fight the other Veela to the death. "you beat us, and then we leave you to go about your buisiness" said the vampire.

The End

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