This is amazing, I love hanging around with these guys I get gifts! well they dont mean to be gifts but..... hey taste good seriously what is it with bad guys and tasting good? I see Elena beating the wotsits out of a random guy and the other guys laughing "Well aren't you gonna drink up then?" I yell at them

I see Elena's disgusted but hey? what can I do I don't have as much self control as Mitchell Mr. Perfect gowdddd.... a guy starts running for me to attack when I say "Hey portable vending machine" which made him confussed and I gave him a snarl then pounced on his neck sucking the blood coursing through his veins. He was not so good what did he eat like garlic salad or sumthing euch disgusting I drop him on the floor to bleed to death "Alright whos next?" I ask

The End

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