Defy: OutsideMature

I slice through the men and there guns and the odd hooded men with abilities, but I felt a little claustrophobic fighting inside.  I slice down an arc or flames smashing a large hole in the bar. I was going to have to apoligize later.

" Alright everybody we're going OUTSIDE!"  I yell taking a group of guy and push them outside with  water , and finally I feel free to lighten up a bit.  My sword starts to layer itself in fire and becomes the brightest light around  , the earth underneath me begining to  respond to commands, I felt in my element.  I charge forwards dodging the slimey goo, and in one strike the bodies where incenerated to ashes and so was a stretch of forest behind them.  I turn , and finally I saw something more challenging, my own kind. I was also a bit unsure here was it coincedence normal human ,  these wierd guys with abilities, and the blades all here at once or was it something bigger.

I block a sword and flip up into the air regaining my composistion , and I look back down flames climbing up my blade, with full concentration I see them all , only if I could move as a flash like they could.  One shoots up to meet me in the air , I block agian and press down releasing a stream of flames,  I fly down like a missile  just a powerful gust of wind blows me sideways I land well balanced onto the ground.  The blade came racing towards me, I easily bat his sword away and slice down just cutting his clothing he counters with a jab , I jump slamming him down with earth he breaks through with wind and cuts across my shoulder.  I kick his face in and leap back into the air , him and his a few other blades come all at once.

I try to fight off all them at once with the maximum of my agility , I do well but one well placed slash slams me into the the ground throwing dirt into the air, I stand as possible and slice a  huge sheet of ice in half,  Flames growing around me, the earth combining with the storm, I was stronger than them, I just needed more arms, and now I couldn`t hold back anymore.  The two elements shoot up in a large flashing display of coulours it was my second levl of abilities.  I shoot towards them breaking the first idiots sword under a large  arc of flame and earth he dies, instantly.  I stop and spin around catching a tornado and burned it away. It explode shooting the wind blade to the ground.

The End

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