Elena: Pain.Mature

I can feel myself and Mistle tiring but I won't let  us stop!

'You can do it Mistle, just a little more!' I whisper menatlly. 'I'm tired Elena. I don't know how long I can keep this up.' Her mental voice is much stronger then mine, that means I weak.'You're going to keep doing this until all of them are dead!' I jump a little at the sound of Olis mental voice, it sounds like he is enjoying the fight.

'El. You can do this. I know you can.' I nod and increase the electricity. I can feel Oli moving closer behind me, my back now touching his chest. He increses the pain, making me wince. He moves his hands over mine.

I start numbing the sences part of our attackers minds, making them weaker. I can hear everyone fighting, even though I'm becoming dizzy.

Olis head comes down to my shoulder. "You can do this El. Think about the most painful memory." He whispers into my ear.

I'm trying to remember but nothing's coming. So far, I haven't been hurt that badly. "Try and remember before." My heart is beating rapidly. I don't think I can. He sighs and leans closer. We increase our powers, making more pain and electricity then Mistles fire.

I scream out as the pain runs through me to get to the attackers. I can hear Mitchell knocking some guys head off, it makes me laugh a little. My head starts to ring and I fall to the ground.

Oli looks down at me and shakes his head then runs off to join the other vampires. 'Weak.' He says mentally. I slowly get to me feet pissed off. I'm not weak! If he thinks I'm weak, then I would be anle to do this! I run forward to one of the men and hold his arm. I quickly increase the electros in his body and suddenly he explodes before he could do anything. Ew, human guts.

'Knew you could do it.' 'Haha. El is back!' 'C'mon girl, beat the shit out of them!' I smile at the vampires mental thoughts. I run forwards and punch a guy in the face. Even though I'm in agonising pain, I'm not gonna go down easy!

The End

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