Mitchell: Silent AttackMature

 I was quietly moving around the back of the pub, waiting for an opening to attack. I was going so fast that it would've been impossible to have seen me. I snarled silently as I saw one of the guys turn around. Smiling, I pounced on him. I land with my sharp fangs in his neck, blood spurting out everywhere. I refused to drink it, so it spilt all over the ground under us. When I knew he was empty, I let his limp body slump to the ground, and go onto another, doing the same thing as I did to the other guy. Who were they, though? Well, there was no time to ponder on that matter. Defiant was courageously battling two of them. I knew that he probably wouldn't admit that he needed help, but I gave it to him anyway.

 Someone was going to stab him from behind with some sort of ninja knife thing, but I ran with the speed of a thousand cheetahs put together, and I was in the way of the knife's passage, smiling tauntingly.  I could hear the guy laughing, but when he knew I wasn't dying, he cocked his head to the left, confused. I was still grinning.

 "Vampire, dude." I stated before punching him with so much strength that his head came off with the force. I looked around, and disposed of the head before anyone could notice it. They'd be disgusted. I turned back to Defiant, and he had an appreciative look in his eye. I half expected him to smile. He didn't.

The End

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