My eyes widen as I hear Mistle screaming at me mentally. Shit! THE GOVERMENT'S HERE! Nadia is going to the door but I hold her arm.

"You're not going out there!They'll kill you. I'll go." She shakes her head and opens her mouth but the vampire guys grab our arms and head towards the door, all of them smiling. "C'mon El, lets see what you can rememeber." I narrow my eyes at Oli. He smiles down, knowing that I can hear his thoughts.

We open the door and I send waves at the men in black. One of them is getting closer to us but I electricute him into ashes. They other guys aim their guns at me. Shit! I scream mentally at them, making them drop their guns. I can hear Oli and the other vampires laugh but when I turn back to see them all of them are gone! Nadia included!

I run to Mistle in dragon form. I can hear Mitchells thoughts but I can't see him anywhere! Stupid fast vampires, I wish Ican see them! Suddenly more people in black come smashing in. Shit! 'Aphrodites boyfriend, get her out of here! she's just dead weight!' I yell into the guys mind. He nods and grabs her, taking her away.

I can feel air brush my neck as I combind my electricity and Mistles fire to get the men in black.Sweat starts to burn my eyes. Ow that stings like hell! Olis arm go over mine, sending his power of pain at them. I scream mentally. Fuck this hurts! We can't do this much longer.

'Guys, if you get the chance, run! Don't come back just go!' I whisper menatally to my friends. I'm becoming weaker. 'You can do it El, you can.' I shake my head at Olivers thoughts. I hope he's right.

The End

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