Mistle - do we ever get a break?!Mature

ok i am confused, i mean first we are all ready to just sit upstairs until the morning because of the "danger" downstairs, then we have aph randomly go away and come back with a guy, then anouther minute we are all ready to go down there and fight and now Elena and Naida are all downstairs buddy buddy with some random vampires! and just when things could not get any more confusing some cloaked guy turn up and Defy starts attacking them this is not going well. someone up in the sky, toying with our lives really hates us! helplessly not being able to think of what to do i faze into my favourite white tiger and start scratching away at one of the cloaked guys face! i am doing pretty well until a hand comes out and punches my form in the stomach, it killed.... BUT I GOT OVER IT! i got back up and pounced on two at a time, sending two of the guys flying, Defy was fighting the other. I was fuming again but not wanting to turn into the stupid bug freak and not be in control, i calmed my self down. with the other two guyd having a spaz attack on the floor i, i faze back to my normal self, i looked round who was shreding the other guy appart with his sword, Dam he is hot when he is fighting! i am distracted by a worried shout downstairs from Rodge, "Mistle!" he shouts, i run downstairs and find Rodge venomously crouching, and staring at a big group of like 7 men, dressed in black leather, with pads with guns. ashuming that these are the guys Elena was talking about i faze into my tiger again and growl, oh god Elena and Naida, stop the reunion and flirting with you weird friends and get you ass' over here, i think hard, hoping that Elena can hear my thoughts. Defy comes downstairs slightly messed up but in any case, ready for round 2. Aph and her Boyfriend Tawr come down too, and i shudder (though i have no clue why?) when i see a lipstick mark on Twars cheek. Aph not realising what is going on, is the first one to get shot with... yes Elena was right a weird substance that stops your powers, it is next aimed at me but i faze into a Dragon and burn one of the guys to a crisp, oh i forgot to mention i can faze into mythical creatures too. anouther blast is thrown at me but i dodge, "alright guys, you wanna party? lets party!" i shout sending more fire at them.

The End

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