Defy: somethings upMature

Nadia disapears, I was already hugely suspiciouse , of what was up.  Elena made a huge fuss about no one leaving, takes off doesn't show and then tells Nadia to come down with a sublimal message. Trap?  Possibly , but why did Nadia go? I turn to Mistle.

" What you think? A little suspicious eh?" I say.

" It is we should wait a little though, half an or so." Mistle replies, " We didn't here a struggle right?"

" I guess so." I hug Mistle and sit near the window which had decent view of the surrounding forest.

It looked calm, to calm almost, Mistle sits rate next she noticed my unease was increasing, I am not usually this skittish, but I had the problem with the Blades, and now these people that have technology able to make your powers useless. At least for I think it might be different and even if they figure it out I still have a sharp edge they are going to have to worry about.

" There is no need to be...." The window explodes cutting Mistle off I grab her and we both instantly shoot across the room my sword in my hand, I was more than ready to fight.  Three dark figure stand in front of me cloaked in the dark, there where perfectly still say for there mist breath and beaty red eyes. What where they? We all stood for a perfectly akward moment waiting for one person to make a move. I couldn't wait any longer and sliced fowards shooting flames at them , as they're engulfed I ram the hilt into one, and sliced upwards. Blood hit the cieling the flames went out the building one figure having a large open wound on his whole entire upper. It was breathing hard, at anymoment it was going to keel over unconciouse. The other figures just luaghed as the moved there hand upwards and like a shot I find myself in the air and going straight through the door.

I got up removing any broken timber off me. They were going to get it now! I charge into the room with a massive shot of fire coming rate at em.

The End

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