Elena: Vampires I Used To KnowMature

I wake up from a dreamless sleep. Ew,I fell asleep in a bathroom. I get to my feet. "They're here." I walkout of the bathroom and look at everyone, eyebrows raised. "Did we wake you?" I narrow my eyes a little as they alltry and clear theirminds.

I shake my head, I alreadyknow it all anyway. "Nadia,I was awake for a while." My voice is as strong as ever and I know that my face isnt giving anything away either but inside I'm kinda scared. I stand next to Mistle. I wink at her.

"I'm going down." They alllook at me shocked.I shrug. "I saw me on my own down there killing them." I open the door and start to walk down tothe bar before anyone can stopme. I can see the guys in black. I smile a little, electricuting me clothes to give it a cool clubbing look.

I start to walk over when strong arms pullme backwards,into a room. I electricute the guys hands. He laughs. I turn around, my eyes narrowed. There's a group of vampire guys all smiling at me. I cross my arms over my chest. "Go out and get your own blood,mines not a choice." I glare at the vampire by the window whothought that.

'Nothing changed has it El?' I turn back tothe one who grabbed me. "Sorry do I know you?" He nods. "Oh you know me alright Elena Summers." He smiles and looks me up and down. I've seen him before but dont know where.

I roll my eyes and head for the door. The guy whomentally talked tome blocks the door. I growl at him. "Get out of my way Oliver!" He smiles. "See, you're remembering." He smiles and pushes me against a wall. I groan and glare at him.

I send waves after waves from my body into his. Oliver smiles and he uses his powers. He's making iron hot pain shoot up my arms. I headbutt him. The other vampires start to laugh. "She aint changed at all! El, girl its gonna be like you never left." I look around confused. Strong arms go around me again. 'Don't worry, you'll remember.' I turn my head a little to see Oliver.

'So you used to use your power on me often?' He chuckles. "All the time. We were always fighting. I won all the time of course." I roll my eyes. "Are you forgetting that I can read minds? That means I know when you are lieing." I can't help but smiling. He smiles back at me and winks.

I look around at all the teenage-looking guys and smile. They're all bad, I can tell that from their minds. Ilean against the wall and smile at all of them. I'm gonna like it around here.

My eyes widen asI remember the guys upstairs waiting for me. 'Nadia, I'm fine. Just met up with a few people tell the others that I've just popped out for a bit. You can come down here if you wanna.' I nod, knowing that she will do what I said and come down and jon us here.

Soon there the door opens and Nadia walks in confidently and stands next to me. "Hey you vampires. I'm Nadia. Anywhere Elena goes, I go." She winks and me and I smile back. 'They are hot!' She says mentally at me. I shake my head. "You're gonna have fun here aren't ya?" She laughs anbd nods. "Hell yeah!" We both say at the same time and laugh. This will be fun!

The End

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