Mistle - wait!Mature

"WHAT?!, wait no, not everyone there are incredibly inocent average, lets go out tonight, people down there!" i say paniky "including Rodge! you can just barge down there and start ripping the throuts out of guys with guns who are not even down there yet! atleast let me go down there and get Rodge to close early, and get everyone out!" my voice is shaken and Naida and Mitchel looked shocked, but Defy expects it.

 "wait but will he listen?" says defy i look at him thankfully even though i dont really know what for, "Rodge maybe old, but he is actually a vampire too and can help, and he will be more than happy to close, he doesnt get much excitement around here", I see Niadas eyes glance toward the door but i stand my ground infront of it she scowls beaten at my inocent Veela eyes, "alright! but how wil you get down there without being seen and causeing a scene?" she say, i dont even reply as i squeeze defys hand and faze into a tiny mouse, i swear i heard Aph say "aww" as i skuttled under the door and hopped down the stairs.

 i crawl up the side of the bar and perch myself on Rodges shoulders, he jumps startled but catches me just in time, he looks into my mouse eyes and straight away knows its me. "oh god! dont do that again Mistle, you almost gave me a heart attack!" he says through heavy breath "sorry" i squeak, i briefly explain what is going on and Rodge reluctantly tell his guests that he is closing early and everyone leaves, when everyones gone i hear with my mouse ears heavy foots steos of about 5 maybe 6 men walking up to the pub, i quickly skuttle upstairs, faze and storm into the room "there here" i whisper to them all.

The End

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