Naida: talkMature

"Elena talk to me" I say walking into the bathroom. "You know if you just tell me what the guys look like I can go down there and just rip out their throats, nice for me and we'd be safe" I said in a slightly joking way but her and I knew I was serious. I could so easily kill them with my speed and my strength." No I need everyone to stay safe I'm not sure if those guns will affect you but I can't take the risk" She replies "You should go to bed I'll tell you my ideas when you wake up" I said and lead her to a bed. She didn't know what I was about to do would save all their lives as well as betraying her.

I walked into the room where everyone was fighting and shouted "Silence! Elena is sleeping and I need to talk to all of you" They huddled around here and I quietly whispered my plan to them "Mitchell we will take out the ones with guns in fact we take out everyone in the room rip their throats out I don't care we can build up our strength by doing this, Aphrodite pick Elena up and trasport you 2 into the forests I've already checked its clear and the rest of you escape into the forest through the window while Mitchell and I are busy,   ..... Feeding"

The End

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