Elena: Stop Moving!Mature

I have sneaked out during all of them argueing and now I've found Aphrodite with her boyfriend. Great! My eyes are blazing.

"Are you fucking thick or something?"She looks shocked. I growl. "Follow me! We need to get back to the room!" I start speed walking off, pushing them after me with my electricity. Why do people have to move around when I tell them to not to?

Aphrodite is moaning but she can bloody yell at the top of her voice for all I care! I burst open the door, stopping the argueing. "You left?" I roll my eyes. "I've got stupid dickhead and fucking mug here. You can choose who's who. Anyone else who leaves the group should know that if they get in trouble, the others aint gonna help ya!" I storm off the the bathroom and slam the door behind me.

I sit on the toilet lid, my head in my hands.

I hear a small knock at the door, I rub my temples annoyed. God, I hate this ability! Who wouldn't? It's like every person in the world yelling all their thoughts atme but worse. God, I don't feel good.

The door opens a little and someone comes in. "Elena, talk to me."

The End

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