Aphrodite- FORGOTTENMature

OH MY GOD!!! I FORGOT TAWR!!! Holy crap....I have to go . for him. NOW. Otherwise I will be history. The others are upstairs but I don't care frankly. I run out of the pub and back the way we came, whilst looking at my watch (it's actually very hard).  It's 5 minutes to midnight. CRAP. I run as fast as I can, one, because of Tawr, two, because I don't want them to know I'm gone. I can see them in the back of my mind...their arguing...about....me?! Oh god. "TAWR" I whisper as loud as I can, "TAWR COME HERE". He emerges out of the bushes next to the school. "Oh thank god! I got here in time. PHEW!" I run up to him and hug him. "Hey.", He replys.

"Theres no time for heys!", I shout eagerly at him, "Cmon baby, were spossed to meet up with these people, I'll explain later." He nods and takes my hand. I can't be bothered to run so....*snap* Now...gotta make sure were not noticed. Sneaking....sneaking...."APHRODITE!" Elena?!?! "Erm....hey Elena...." I thought they were arguing??? She must have got bored and wondered off. "WHAT are you doing?!?! AND WHY is Tawr here?" Iv'e got some explaining to do.....

The End

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