Defiant: A stupid ideaMature

" Wait who did you see in the room when this vision happened?"

"everyone." She responds.  I mull it over for a sec.

" Perhaps it won't happen with only a few of us in the room, but I guess it would be best none of us go in there.One person has to go down there and get Aphrodite back up here. Unless we do want to make this more complicated than it has to be by trying to find out where they took Aphrodite." I say

" Alright who should it be?"  Mistles asks.

" Who got shot first?" Mitchell asks .

" I think it was me." Elena says.

" She definetly shouldn't go then. She has the largest chance at getting caught." Wolferaine says.

It broke out into a small arguement who should go. 

" Stop, I think personally whoever goes down there should be good at being indiscrete and not seen, which not many of us here can do. Certainly not me, anyone else good at sneaking?"  I ask.

The End

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