Elena: Don't!Mature

I can feel all their eyes on me. I rub my head and stretch, faking a yawn.

"I'm tired, I'll get some sleep now." I start to move towards the bed. To be honest, my head is killing me and a sleep wouldn't be a bad idea. I stop when a hand goes on my arm, making my head go blank. I smile and turn around.

"Thanks Brett. I needed that." I smile at him but the look on his face tells me that his arm on mine wasn't for clearing my mind. I look down and sigh. "Brett. Don't." I look up and glare at him. He narrows his eyes and lets go of my arm. I wince as peoples thoughts enter my mind.

"Aphrodite. Don't you dare!" I hiss at her. "What?" She looks confused. "Don't go down to that bar. That goes for all of you." My voice is soft but deadly. Mistle grabs my hand. 'Tell me.' Her mental message runs through my head. I sigh and shake my head. "I'll go down stairs then." Mistle heads for the door but I jump in front of her, my eyes deadly.

"No!" I snarl at her. "Why not? Mistle can go where ever she wants to!" Defiant says, hand on his blade. I glare at him. "No she can't." I say through gritted teeth. Everyone looks confused. "Elena, what's going on?" I look at Mitchells worried face. I sigh and shake my head.

"Just noone leave this room okay?" I try to shrug it off but it's not working. "Elena, tell us." I shake my head. "Elena." I glare at him. "Elena.." I throw my hands into the air. "Oh for fucks sake! There's men down there who are going to kill us!" I blurt out, trying tohide my fear. "What?" Mistle asks, her voice a soft whisper.

"They are human. They've got these gun things that take away are powers. We go down there, we're screwed." I look around at their faces. "How do you know this? Are they down there now? Can you hear their thoughts?" "Aphrodite. They're not down ther at the moment but they will be." She narrows her eyes at me. I sigh.

"I have visions. We were in the bar and they burst in, I get shoot and loose my abilities. Then I get shoot with a real gun. Everything else goes black." I look around at the shocked faces. "What do we do now?" Defiant asks, all eyes turn back to me. Great, so I've got to make all the choices now do I? I shake my electric blue head. "Not a clue."I whisper, looking down.

The End

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