Mistle - stopping for the nightMature

"alright, where to now aph?" she looks around worridly, oh for gods sake! she doesnt even know where to start! before i can say anything elena jumps in "um i think that we should find somwhere to stay for the night then tomorrow we can decide where to go next once we have all rested" Elena says reasonably, i calm down "ok, i think i know of a place we can stay actually! a hotel/pub place, which is very elxclusive for im-mortals and i know we can get away without paying aswel because the guy who owns it is a good friend of mine" i say smiling "that sounds good" says Aph reluctantly, "ok then" i faze into a Eagle and fly above the forest trees, i can just see the smoke of the place rising above the trees, i faze back to myself and then i run to the place, with everyone following close behind, we all burst through the door and cause quite a starttle to the small amount of people inside, walk over to the man behind the bar and sit down infront of him, "hello Rodge" i say smiling "good afternoon Mistle, what can i do fro you today?" he says lifting up my hand and kissing it, i laugh as i can almost hear the weight of Defys fists clenching behind me "oh rodge, you such a charmer" i chuckle fluttering my eyelids "i try" says rodge smiling "am i right in thinking that you and the lot behind you need a room then?" awww he knows me too well... well he new my farther too well. "you are right in saying that rodge" i smile "righty hoe then, and i am guessing that you have no money?" he already knows the answer by the cheeky grin on my face "alright"he says and chucks me a key "thanks" i say politly and look round to the guys standing behind me and smile "come on then!" i say and skip up to the room, they all follow me then we all bundle into the room. Aph looks confused "wait we have to share a room!" i look apologetic "yeah sorry, but i already think we are pushing Rodge enough, getting a free room for the night out of him, and he is only doing it because he was a friend of my dads..." i say trailing away at the thought of my dead dad, but i wave the thought away "hey maybe we can go downstairs ti the pub in a while once we have settled" i say smiling, but Elena looks worried and pulls a paniky look, "umm are you ok Elena?" i ask worridly, she look like she had just remembered somthing "oh, umm no i am fine i just dont like that idea, there were some dodgy looking umm men down there" says Elena, we all looked at eachother confused, this was totally out of character for Elena.

The End

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