Elena: VisionMature

I get up of the ground and shake my head. We're out! Great! I smile down at Aphrodite.

"Thanks. I could handle them myselfthough." Of course my ego gets in the way. I look around, feeling free. "Don't you think it's weird that we haven't even been at that school for long and we're already escaped out." I smile at them as the night wind comes around me.

I look up at the nights sky smiling. A vision is coming on. I start to shake a little as the vision comes into view.  I haven't had one in a while so this feels strange. I'm at a pub with all of the people on the quest. We're sitting on stools laughing until these guys in black come charging in with guns. They're the goverment.

They're coming at us and shooting this weird sticky stuff. Suddenly I can't move and all my abilities are rubbish! They aren't doing what I want them to do. It'slike my powers have been taken away. I hear gun shots and everything goes black.

"Elena! Helloo, anyone in there?" Mistle is clicking her fingers in front of my face. I smile at her. "You okay?" I nod to Mitchell. "Sorry, I was erm... daydreaming. We better get off. It's gonna be light soon and we don't want the teachers or anyone to come after us soon." I walk off, knowing that the others are following me.

I sigh, as I keepthe strange feelings of my being worried about the goverment coming after me but I think it'll be okay. I can change the future; Ithink.

The End

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