Aphrodite- SneakingMature

I know how to handle this. I snap my fingers and i'm past the guards. But the others are still stuck. Hmm.....I need a distraction. I signal to Elena. She starts to run past the guards and they pounce on her like angry wolves. Sorry Elena.....

The others quickly sneak past, except for Mistle. She was a second too late and one of the guards spotted her. "Oopsies.", says Mistle. "RUN!!!", shouts Elena.

Mistle quickly turned into a cheetah and ran into the woods. The rest of us ran for our lives. I can't leave Elena though.....! I run back to the gate and throw the guards up against the wall. I snap my fingers and their minds go blank. It wears off after a minute though so I guess it's a kinda pointless power. "Quick Elena, lets go before they remember!" Then we both run after the others. Wait. Why don't I just transport us into the woods? Again I snap my fingers and we are deep into the middle of the woods. Phew. Everyone collapses on the floor in agony from running. 

That was close. Our journey could have been over before it even started.

The End

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