Elena: Time's Running OutMature

I run as fast I can towards my friends. I can hear their confuesed thoughts, making me run faster. I stop in front of them, myheart in my mouth. I look at a stone like figure of Autum, Mayble and Azabel who I only know from peoples thoughts and Wolferaine.

Mitchell wants to rush over to me and hug me. 'It's so good to know you're okay.' I laugh a little, so I've got to talk mentally. 'Mitch, I'm fine, don't worry about me.' He looks at the ground. I speak mentally to Brett. "Shana's gone. She won't be giving us anymore trouble." He nods.

He stands still as the bubble like dome he's in stops him from moving. 'Hey Brett. I was wondering if you could help me? My head hurts like mad!' He turns his head towards me and glares. What did I do? Oh yeah, he can't move. Great. I sigh.

"What's this about Wolferaine?" I ask through gritted teeth. I know he's here. Strange that I don't know how Iknow. There's noanswer. I shake my head, causing morethoughts toinvade my mind.

Pain rushes through my head as more and more thoughts reach my mind. Suddenly several bolts of electricity came from me. Not good. I wasn't in control of my power, that's never happend before.

'Are you okay?' Mistle asks softly mentally. I nod. I can tell Wolferaine is near and will soon notice me. Great just what I need, a bad headache and a angel who keeps saying I'm his younger sister!

I put my hands tothe ground and send waves of electricity though it. The dome thing breaks, I smile as my friends are free. We all stand together, standing strong, ready to fight. I growl at the guards. We're wasting time! We have to get going, like now!

The End

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