Defiant: Gaurdians of the groundsMature

We trek a little farther out of the school grounds.

" This should be a good place to teleport from." Aphrodite says looking at out surroundings.

" Yeah I guess." I say sitting down by Mistle.

" I hope Elana wins." Mitchel says also slumping down.  

We waited a few minutes until we heard the cracking of branches behind us.

" Elena?" Mistles jumps to your feet.

" Get down!" I say jumping onto of Mistle just as stony figure rushes juzt above us. It lands in the middle of the group. A couple more appear.

" Are you okay?" I ask as I get off Mistle grabbing my blade. 

" I think so." Mistle replies quietly.

 The stone like figures surround us, My sword lights on fire.

" What are they?" Mitchell asks.

" Guardians of the grounds Brett." Says, " The problem with de activating our code is that they now see us as intruders."

" What exactly do they do?" I ask

Their eyes open and flash red temporarily blinds us all.when I can finally see agian We are all stuck in a forcefield like dome.

" Capture." Was the simple answere, " Then crush." The dome begins to squish. I swing my blade down hitting the forcefield, it bounces off.

" How do we??"  The gaurdians fall under attack and few new and fammiliar faces show up. 

" Where you guys head?" Azabel says

" Ask Aphrodite." Mistle says, " Who are they?" 

" Autum ,  Mayble , and I you should know who wolferaine is." 

The End

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