Elena: Why Could You Just Leave Me Alone?Mature

I jump on her wolf form and we both go falling onto the floor. I hold onto her hairy shoulder and start to send waves into her shoulder. She screams out and I headbutt her.

Blood hell! That fucking hurts! "I don't think that was a good idea." I growl at Aphrodite and Naida starts laughing. I get to my feet and Shana jumps up, snarling at me. "You lot, get outta here. I'll come when I've finished here." I jump up and kick Shana in the face. She stumbled back and growls at me. I smile at her. "Right now wolfy. It's time to end this!" I run at her and send waves after waves at her.

She falls back into a few trees. Ijump into one of the trees and jump down ontop of her. She tries to bite me back I show her someof her memories, clouding her mind. I send my electricity bolts intoher until she fell limp.

Isigh and get off ofher, wiping my brow. I stare at her for a while then Iturn and run tocatch up with the others.

The End

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