Mistle - you just had to say "that was easy"Mature

after i get the shock of my life i let defy in and start to give him directions and explain the plan "... i think the best thing for you to do really is to go round all the boys up and stuff and then you can meet me Elena, Aphrodite and Naida outside the front of the school, "ok" he nods, we hug and off he runs, "Elena!!! We have more important things than wolferaine and Brett, come here!!"i shout at her, "alright i am coming" and she walks out the door "you to Aphrodite" shouts Elena back to Aphrodite who's just finished packing her essentials, i am already packed, and we start to walk to the control room, "Don’t forget people are still asleep so you have to be quite!" everyone nods and soon we are round the corner from the control room and there is one teacher standing outside the door, piece of cake, i walk over to him "hi can you tell me where room 5 is?" i say innocently, "i can’t find it anywhere?" he goes to turn round to point down the hall and i flick him right in the a special nerve which k.o.'s him out cold, Aphrodite comes round the corner to do her bit, "sorry, i thought there would be two guards" i say apologetically "do your stuff Elena" Elena comes over and easily breaks down the door and goes to sit at the desk, "you do know it was open Elena?" says Aphrodite, Elena rolls her eyes and begins to hack the computer, sending small waves of electricity into the monitor to find out all of  our codes, i hear a groan from the teacher on the floor "hurry Elena!" whispers Aphrodite impatiently, "i am trying! it takes time!" says Elena not bovering to whisper, i simply walk over to the groaning teacher and kick him back in the nerve again "sorry teacher" i whisper down to him, "done it"" shouts out Elena, " all our codes are deactivated, its almost like we were never here" i smile at her "ok let’s go!" Aphrodite says, we run out to the front of the school and find, Brett, Defy and Mitchell waiting for us, Elena runs back to fetch Naida and then we all start to walk out of the school "well that was easy says Aphrodite" smiling to herself at their handiwork, when suddenly a loud snarl comes out from behind the tree, and a massive wolf steps out from behind it "you’re not going anywhere" Shana snarls, we all switch into attack mode but Elena shouts "she is mine" ....

The End

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