Defiant- warningMature

I feel a pain in my chest, I open my eyes its a shattered sword one of a Blades.  Not mine of course. I take it out of my chest, and the wound begins to heal.  I look onto the sword on it had etched.

There is no escape! We will have you! Its only a matter of time to find out the meaning of this.

What the hell was that supposed to mean. I took an eager look at the shattered sword of a Blade. I never heard of a partially broken sword from a blade either it was together or it was dust.  I was mighty curiouse what it all ment. I place the Shattered sword in an enchanted bag. I packed a blanket and few other neccisities. Once I packet I walked out my door, and run over to the girls room.

I was going to have to keep an eye out for other Blades. I knocked on the door and was quite thankful Mistle opened the door but I also scared her. With my bloodstained and the hole just above my heart.

" Your bleeding!?" She says a little to loudly for the morning, As she hugs me.

" Not anymore, it was a warning. A wierd one at that. " I trail off.

" Wait are you telling me you didn't see who stabbed you?" Mistle ask concerned.

" No I was sleeping how would I know?" I ask. Mistle seemed to be  at a loss for words, " What?" 

" How....  That just idiotic. You seriously can't tell me you slept with a knife piercing your lungs half the night."

"  Oh, well I guess it did wake me up." I shrug, " So what can I do to help?"  I say seeing everyone running around getting ready.Mistle opens her mouth to give me directions.

The End

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