Elena: Trouble?Mature

I goover to Mistle. "Mistle. Yeah, I can hack into the system. By the way a mate of mine's here and it might be a problem." She looks at me confused.

I sigh. "Who is she?" I shrug. "Just a mate. Think she can come with us, as long as both of us look after her?" Her brow creases again. I roll my eyes. "Can she come?" Aphrodite looked at me a little angry. "It's my quest." I roll my eyes. "You need me. Without it being okay with Mistle and you, I'm out." She nods at me angrily.

I jump out of the window and see Naida waiting for me. "There's an angel in there. He smells mouthwatering!" I rollmy eyes at her. "C'mon. We're getting out of here in the morning and you're coming." She smiles and I can't helpsmiling back. I point at the window and she jumps through. I smile and follow her.

I can hear Brett and Wolferaine fighting. I sigh as I go to break it up.

The End

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