Mistle - hacking and leavingMature

after talking to Elena Aphrodite came over to talk to me and surprisingly i found it incredibly easy to talk to her, i don’t know whether it was a mood swing or not, but sitting on the end of my bed having a good old girl chat was... pretty nice. "So you kissed him!?" Aphrodite was just asking shocked when a loud voice boomed from inside the room which made me jump.

 "all students must now get straight to their dorms, lights out will be in 10 minutes" said a droning voice down a microphone, Elena groaned and shot bolts of electricity to the speaker which caused it to blow up, stopping the endless droning of the lady on the other end. i sighed at Aphrodite who was standing in front of me, "well you better get off to your dorm then" i say "oh is this not dorm 64?" she say, i nod "well ta da!" she says doing the jazz hands "i am you new room mate" she smiles at us a piercing smile and Elena straight away shoots up out of her bed "WHAT?!" she shouts, Aphrodite ignores her and snaps her PJs on, "well i suppose there is one good thing about this... its saves us meeting up tomorrow, we need to decide what stuff is necessary to bring with us and we really need to come up with a plan to get out of the school grounds" Aphrodite looks at me, "oh that will be a snap, i can just teleport us there" says Aphrodite waving her hand dismissively, "umm... actually it won’t, we all as students, are coded by the school before we get here, and there is an anti-teleport force field around the whole school and grounds, students cant teleport out of the school without getting caught straight away before you can even snap your finger" Aphrodite looks at the floor "in that case we have a problem, but wait i have teleported myself and a friend shopping loads of times" she says, "yes but that’s just two people, there are six of us, two people can easily break through, plus the school always knows that you will come back and we can’t teleport individually... it’s not a major problem though, all we need is, get to the force fields control room then we can all deactivate our codes and the force field will not see as students, we can literally walk right out of the school, you and me can distract the staff outside the control room while someone goes in, all we need is someone who can hack computers" i turn my head round to Elena "Elena, can you use you electricity to hack electrical items or do you know anyone who can?".

The End

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