Defiant- dazedMature

 After Mistle kisses me, I sorta walk around in a daze and walk rate into a post. I pick my self up a little more aware. Wow never though I would do that after getting kissed I would be such a sap. I shake myself back into control. Well atleast I think I do but my mind returns to that moment and a trip over onto the concrete.  My nose snaps but goes back together as I stand up.  This time I think I get it right I make it to my own dorm.For once I take the sheath off my back and place it onto the wall. I quickly undress and jump into bed.

I think about todays events. I really didn't need an officer especially of Darrens calibur , on my back. What a mess my selffish parents left me in, and to make it worse Darren was going to target all my weakness's, and I just added another one to my list. If he even went as far as to touch Mistle I will kill him. I don't think I had to worry to much though Mistle seemed capable of protecting her self. I roll my face into the pillow.  I really hoped this quest didn't last long enough to attract trouble from other Blades.I really hated that my fellow race was so Paranoid they almost seem Kill happy to others.  A few hours later I still find my self thinking of stupid things I can't fix or do anything about.

I quick;y brought my thoughts back on Mistle. Remembering her chocolate brown hair, and her green eyes. It was silly but I actually went to sleep not worrying about my petty races society, and them essectailly trying to kill me.

The End

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