Mistle - kiss...Mature

Elena walks off and me Aphrodite and Defiant all just left standing there, "umm i guess i am going to hit the sack as well" i say to thin air, i just realised i wonder what dorm i am in, i don’t even know yet! i hope i am in Elena’s and Aphrodite room it would be nice to know a face. i walk off, defiant makes a nodding departure away from Aphrodite and rans to catch up with me, "why where you so, insanely happy to be going on the quest?" he asks me, "oh" i smile and chuckle "umm it’s a side effect of the thing i turn into, it’s also hard to control your emotions and you get really strange mood swings”. he walks me up to my room first, and then when we are outside we both turn to each other "night" he says and goes to walk away, but i pull him back in and gracefully kiss him on the lips, Defy looks at me in a daze but manages to let out a quite "mood swing?", i look at him innocently, and gracefully say... "no" i smile and sleek off into the dorm leaving him at the door, and as soon as i get in there i slide down the back of the door and land on the floor. when i finally stand up, i burst out laughing at the sight i see, Elena is passed out sprawled across her bed, i quietly tiptoe over to her and pull the covers over her, and change into my pjs, and climb into my own bed, Elena keeps her eyes shut and says "just to let you know as soon as you shut the door, he walked off drunk and walked into a post" she smiles in her sleep and then turns over, "how did you? .... oh ok" i smile to myself, and get myself comfy, i then hear a knock at the door Elena growls and i hear a quiet voice from outside the door "can i come in says Aphrodite?". 

The End

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