Elena: TellingMature

I sit down next to Mitchell and look at the ground. "He was a traitor. Not just because of what he's done to you but from what he's done to everyone." I can feel everyones eyes on me.

I look at and scowl at Aphrodite. 'What my parents going to be like? Will the accept me? What will they think of me? Will they like these lot, maybe not Elena. She is kind of angry most of the time.' "Hey Aphordite. You need me to come with you and if you keep thinking things about me then you can jog on." I say calmly getting to my feet.

"I'm going to sleep." I start walking off and I can hear irriatation from many minds. "Elena. You've gotto tell me!" I turn back and see Mitchells pleading face. "Not here. Back in the dorm." He nods looking at the ground. I look at Aphordite. "Look, I know you want to meet your parents. You want to know who you are. I get that. But we all need sleep. Tomorrow morning would be better. We'll be more alert." I wink bye to Mistle who smiles.

I start walking back to the dorm, my head buzzing. I sit on the sofa with my head in my hands. I can feel someone in the room with me. "What do you want?" I look up at see Wolferaine standing in front of me, arms crossed. "Heard you were leaving." I nod. "Yep. But not till morning." He shakes his head. "You still don't believe that I'm your brother do you?" I shake my head stubbonly. He sighs. "Just be careful. That Brett isn't one to be trusted."

"Oh really?" He both turn and see Brett in my door way, Wolferaine balls his fists. "Your evil." He says through gritted teeth. "Thanks GoodieGoodie." Wolferaine steps forward. "Stay away from my sister!" I roll my eyes. "Really? Last time I remember, she got kicked out of your little winged party. To do that, you've got to be evil." I open my mouth to say something when I'm suddenly in Mitchells room.

"Mitchell. Fine I'll tell you." I sigh as I hear smashing from the room I was in a couple of seconds ago. Mitchell sits down on his bed and I sit next to him.

"He was a spy. He worked for the goverment, telling them about people like us." Mitch looks confused. I sigh as I push a electric blue curl out of my purple eyes. "Look. He told them about you and me and some others. The goverment's now after us. If things get really bad, people like us will be fighting against the normal people."

I look down at my hands and strech out on the bed. God, I'm tired.

The End

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